Visit www.pixelazy.ca to check out a photography blog.

Technology & Purpose

This is a domain redirect pointing at a sub-site of a WordPress multisite blog installation.

In 2018, after migrating my server from a paid shared hosting platform to a Raspberry Pi server on my home network, I was looking for a project to replace the blog I’d been building and operating for 16 years. That previous blog was largely a personal journal with forays into a number of specific topics. One of those topics was photography, but the format of the personal blog was limited as far as profiling specific images and techniques.

The personal blog was shuttered for a variety of personal and professional reasons, but the interest in managing a personal website and an interest in keeping my hands dirty, so to speak, in the tech side of my job meant that pixelazy posed a good opportunity to combine a couple of my quasi-professional hobbies.

Supporting Social Media

Most images are cross-posted to the @pixelazy instagram account and occasional posts are manually promoted on the @8r4d twitter feed.