Learning Drupal

This is a sandbox site.

Just here... mucking about with interesting code.

I’ve owned this particular domain for a little more than a decade.

Over that time -- had you bookmarked it and checked back in on it -- you would have likely noticed a different kind of site here roughly every year or thereabouts. Nothing has really stuck. With reason. At various points it has hosted a blog, an experimental social media platform, a wiki, a custom content management site, a project management tool, and various other software tools.

If you’re following that, you’ll understand that usually I just use it as a sandbox. Writing code. Testing a new CMS. Tooling around with some project I found on github. Sandbox.

This year I need to learn Drupal. So, The Foobarn Foo Blog is a Drupal 8 site.

The content I choose to put here might be completely useless. Or maybe I’ll create an inventory of my learning for someone with the same interest or needs. No guarantees. The main function is a sandbox and what comes after or from that is just me here, mucking about in technology and tools.