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Technology & Purpose

Drupal 8 is currently running as the software for this site.

In 2020, I had a professional need to learn Drupal as a enterprise content management system. Admittedly, as a platform intended to run a broad commercial website, Drupal has a lot of power, features and customization that will be unavailable in the small local installation I have installed here, but it was important enough to me to learn the basics of this technology that building a basic webpage from a bootstrap platform seems like it will provide significant educational purpose.

January 25, 2020 - I specifically upgraded my server hardware to install this. The Raspberry Pi 3 running a basic LAMP server was likely sufficient to manage the code base for Drupal 8, but I was already hitting hard limits on the MySQL database and it was crashing and throwing errors to the extent that I had set up a twice-daily cron to restart it. Moving to a more capable Raspberry Pi 4 platform provides roughly four times the overall capacity and power of the old platform, and after 24 hours of operating all the same websites from a matched/migrated configuration, the system seems to be holding its own.