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Technology & Purpose

Feets has mostly been a Wordpress blog, and has an interesting history.

The first iteration of that site was me attempting to become something of a hardcore running writer and blogger. I created a blog under that banner, made a logo, promoted the heck out of it on social media, tried to recruit some other runners — friends and even strangers — to write with me and post stuff. I thought about doing a podcast It operated for about a year and consumed a lot of creative energy and in the end I was sad to shutter it, but it just wasn’t doing what I thought it would.

Afterwards it sputtered along for a few years hosting a series of simple blogs or tools.

For a while I got into drawing maps and I had posted a whole collection of them on the site. They were very narrowly focused: if you ran in my neighbourhood, with me, they were great. In fact, the only people they were really useful for was my group, but I got a bit miffed when the local run store started using them WITHOUT attribution, cutting off my logo when the store manager printed them out. So I shuttered that, too.

Since then I’ve poked away at general sorts of writing projects there, usually always centred on fitness, etc.

Supporting Social Media

The stand-alone accounts (Twitter, Facebook group, Instagram) supporting this are long gone or just abandoned, but I do often Tweet updates out to @8r4d to let people know I’m still posting.