September 12, 2017 (769 Days Old)
From the Can to the Should
I want to sell you something.
It’s an idea.
It’s an idea about unraveling this notion we have of digital technology: the capabilities of tech.
We often talk about what technology can do.
How much it is able to perform, what it is possible to create, share, process, and connect using our digital toys and tools.
I’ve been fascinated by the notion of should for a long while, but that same notion tends to share a taxi ride with other tangential concepts: anti-technology, Luddite-leaning, analog-anarchists.
One Step Back
We too casually consider the notion of what technology should do in favor of awing over what it can do.
How far we should take it? How far we should push it, though not in the sense of limiting it’s progress, but in exploring the branch of the technological tree that extends and suspends us out above precarious heights if we perchance loose our grip? Me? I have a slightly different outlook than those who are against all this.
The FooBarn
The idea that I want to sell you is about digital ethics: the should we…? of the internet age, asking not for a halt to progress, but a humanizing of progress.
Looking not to a burdening of technology and business with abstract rules, but rather looking for ways to optimize the incentives that put people a bit more ahead of profits.
That's what this space is about.
A Different Kind of Website
The FooBarn is a kind of multi-level experiment.
The ideas I want to write about are about how we can better use technology.
And the site itself is built on a custom, interactive tool that I built.
It's a
see - imm - ess
A web application designed to manage text, images, and user interactions using a database and standardized templates.
, but one that lets users engage in a way that is less about replying in words and more about reacting and learning.
It is a work in progress and you can provide feedback on twitter @8r4d
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