Welcome to Grokbuck House

Heritage and history collide at Grokbuck House.

Situated in the sheltering overhang of glacial rock formations protecting from the billowing coastal winds, we offer stunning views of the North Pacific year round. Purpose built, the main house and outbuildings are set atop a geothermal vent which provides heat and energy to the house and research facilities.

a brief chronology of grokbuck house


Grokbuck House completes construction. Initially the house has only a single story containing two bedrooms, some living space, and a working laboratory where the power generation operations are managed.


The main floor of the house is expanded with additional studio space and a full scale commercial kitchen.


A second floor with additional laboratory and living space is added.


A new outbuilding is constructed on property. The foobarn is opened to the public as a hobby-tourism facility offering a mix of creative experiences to curious visitors.


Grokbuck House assumes new ownership financed by a private technology firm based in Ireland. The house is intended to be used as the operational hub for an international research collective.